Why Study MBBS in Russia


Most of the people assume that MBBS in Russia is not good and one should intend to get admission only in their respective countries for their proper growth, but this is not true. The reality is bitter and every aspirant is aware of this as it is difficult to seek MBBS admission in India, even after studying hard and preparing a lot for it, student’s efforts go in vain. At this point, only two options left, to compromise with your dreams and seek MBBS admission in Private University or drop the entire year. If you pick the first option then you need a lot of money as deemed Universities charges lump-sum fees and also asks for the donation and if you go with the second option then your whole year will get wasted. So, what is the solution now??? Let’s check it out!!!

MBBS in Russia
MBBS in Russia is one of the cheapest way available for Indian aspirants to seek admission in MCI approved medical colleges and make the country as their first preference to study MBBS Abroad. The other reason why you should study medicine in Russia is that the country has been considered as one of the advanced places of education across the globe as the Universities offers several latest techniques and methods concerning teaching.
If we talk about history, study medicine in Russia always remained a popular option for various Indian students and as a result, at present, more than five thousand Indian aspirants are studying MBBS in Russia in around twenty best Universities expanded all over this big country. There is a long list of medical colleges in Russia for Indian students that are affiliated with the World Health Organization and approved the MCI, also known as the Medical Council of India.
MBBS in Russia concentrates on the extensive growth of the aspirants but the overall development of their knowledge in their respective fields. It is one amongst the best choice across the world because the progress and performance of the students seeking MBBS admission in Russia are measured on various Parameters. The medical aspirants may remain assured that they will become successful practitioners once they get back to their respective countries. There are various options available of MBBS in Russia for Indian students and that’s the reason MBBS in Russia has become so popular and pursued by the various Indian aspirants attracted by the MBBS in Russia fee structure, which is quite low.
The academic year of the country starts in the month of September and continues until January. It accompanies the semester, similar to that of India. The next semester commences in the month of February and lasts till June. January and the month of June constitute the semester exam respectively.

About Russia

Looking for MBBS in Russia for Indian students, know about the country first!
With a deep and adventurous past, Russia has more to know about than what meets our eyes, whether it be the dynamic infrastructure or a consistent pull for education, like MBBS in Russia. Russia is situated in the Eastern Europe and it is considered to be one of the largest countries in the world if measured in the land area. The other name of Russia is Russian Federation which is also the official name of the country. The population of the country is around 145 million. The people residing in Russia have been originated from 105 ethnic groups that add to the heterogeneity of Russia.
When it comes to the literacy rate of the country then it’s almost 100 percent which is quite high in number. In fact, around 7.5 million aspirants have been a part of the different Russian Universities and colleges which makes it one amongst the several educated countries across the world, especially in the field of medicine.
The country shares the border with Lithuania, Poland, and Finland. The Government of Russia follows the democratic rule which is just the same as India. So, find yourself some of the best medical colleges in Russia for Indian students.

List of Medical Colleges in Russia for Indian Students

Planning to study MBBS in Russia, the find the MCI Approved Medical Colleges in Russia here:
Top 10 medical colleges in Russia
  1. Orenburg State Medical University
  2. Kazan State Medical University
  3. Volgograd State Medical University
  4. Tver State Medical University
  5. Kursk State Medical University
  6. I.M.Sechenov Moscow State Medical Academy
  7. People’s Friendship University
  8. Crimea Federal University
  9. Nizhny Novgorad State Medical University
  10. Bashkir State Medical University

Benefits to Study Medicine in Russia for International Students 2018

  • No donation, as well as no entrance examination, is required for MBBS in Russia 2018
  • Admission procedure for MBBS in Russia is quite an easy task.
  • Cost of MBBS in Russia is very low and subsidized.
  • Recognized degree across the globe by the top medical colleges in Russia.
  • Enhanced the way of living as the MCI approved medical colleges in Russia follows the European standard.
  • Direct admission in MBBS at low cost.
  • Indian Food is prepared for the Indian students inside the University campus.
  • Get MCI approved medical colleges in Russia.
  • Excellent MCI Screening result gives the MCI Coaching to the students in various Russian Universities.
  • English is the medium of communication in the Government Universities of the country. Therefore, Study MBBS in Russia in English.

MBBS in Russia Eligibility

Russia is a big country and of course, the eligibility criteria for MBBS in Russia is quite different from India. Let’s find it out:
The aspirant must have completed 17 years of his/her age on or before December 31st as per the year of admission.
The aspirant is required to get passed in their 10+2 exam including the subject of Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and English individually and required to obtain at least 50% of minimum average in accumulation.
The aspirants belonging to SC/ST/OBC category can meet the MBBS in Russia eligibility if they have 40 percent aggregate in their 12th class.


Requirements of Russia MBBS admission 2018:

For direct admission in MBBS at low cost, all you require :
  • Scanned copy as well as original documents of 10th and 12th class original mark sheet and certificates.
  • 6 Passport size photographs in white background.
  • Passport scanned copy (if not having yet left it to us).
  • And last but not the least, a strong desire to become a doctor.

MBBS Students Abroad

Why Study MBBS Abroad?

SEED – Sustainable Education & Economic Development welcomes you to the website that lets you get direct admission to MBBS courses in foreign university.

MBBS degree is one of the most sought after courses in Indian education system. However, the success ratio of getting a seat is far below than 1 percent. That’s why students are rushing and keen to get admission in universities outside India and we, SEED, act as a bridge between the potential students and top notched universities.

Study MBBS in Europe is a great option because the cost structure of medical programs at universities approved by MCI is quite affordable. Also, there is no doubt about the excellent quality of medical education when it comes to the best universities that offer MBBS degrees in other countries. Along with this, world-renowned medical universities provide world-class infrastructure for students. As a matter of fact, around an average of 10,000 Indian students are opting for MBBS colleges abroad each year.

According to statistics, among ten lakh students who appear in various entrance exams In India, only 5% of them are admitted to the best institutes. Also, private colleges in the country have enormous donation costs, apart from annual fees. Unlike India, most countries do not require candidates to pass an admission exam. In addition, they do not require a capitation fee and have fairly low tuition costs, compared to Indian medical colleges.

Contrary to popular belief, the cost of living in these countries is not high compared to India. Depending on the lifestyle, a student can survive with an affordable cost of living while studying MBBS abroad. Finally, students also have the opportunity to learn from people belonging to different nationalities and ethnic backgrounds. This, by itself, provides the much needed international exposure required to succeed in today’s competition.

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