• Coined in 1932, the famous Bashkir State Medical University is situated in Ufa.
  • The University is one amongst the best medical colleges in Russia for Indian students which is training students for years.
  • Bashkir State Medical University consists of around 5500 international students doing MBBS in Russia from almost every part of the world.
  • Around six hundred faculty is there at the University divided into six distinguished departments, i.e, Paediatrics, Pharmacy, General Medicine, Dentistry, Preventative Medicine, and Dentistry.
  • Bashkir State Medical University Russia offers undergraduate training, internships, pre-freshmen training, clinical residency, postgraduate training, Ph.D. programs, degree enhancement and requalification medical training.
  • The University also has its own affiliated hospital, dental outpatient and medical clinics, sports facilities, five dormitories, a sanatorium, a large library and a summer camp.

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