We are made only for you if you want to study MBBS in Russia.

Here are the services that we provide in order to turn your dream of MBBS admission in Russia into reality:

  • To provide aspirants with all the required information all they need to know about the Institute and the way of living in the concerned country.¬†
  • To handover the letter of MBBS admission in Russia¬†(from the respective Universities) to the students.
  • To help in obtaining the VISA letter and Invitation from the Russian Ministry of External Affairs.
  • To present Visa from the Russian Embassy.
  • To assist in obtaining the Eligibility Certificate from MCITo arrange air tickets for students.
  • To guide students at the time of traveling from one country to another.
  • To assist aspirants in Russian Federation for registration.
  • To do the best in order to provide all the comfort to the students in the foreign land.
  • To make required arrangements related to hostel accommodation.
  • To organize local excursions of the region.
  • To assist aspirants in sustaining medical checkup.
  • To provide ID card and hostel card to the students.
  • To assist in opening the Bank account.

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